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Naturally Flavored Coffee


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We are proud to be the only coffee roaster in the area to offer the following:

  • Cookie Butter is our best-selling flavored coffee and has a wonderful balance of vanilla and cinnamon
  • The perfect amount of unsweetened Vanilla creates a marvelous aroma and flavor
  • Naturally sweet and spicy, our Cinnamon coffee goes perfectly with half and half or even heavy whipping cream
  • Hazelnut played a big part in our coffee journey, and we’re happy to offer this all-time favorite
  • Waiting for fall?  We’re happy to bring the nostalgic classic Pumpkin Spice to our customers year-round
  • Chocolate and coffee have gone together since Kaldi’s goats, and now you can get our fresh-roasted beans in the classic cocoa flavor

We hand-blend the ingredients with freshly-roasted beans and then custom grind to order.

All Koiné flavored coffees are 100% naturally flavored – ZERO artificial aftertaste.

Weight12 oz
Dimensions5 × 4.5 × 3 in

Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cookie Butter, Hazelut, Pumkin Spice, Vanilla


French Press, Pourover, Drip, Keurig, Espresso


12oz, 4oz


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