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Ethiopia Guji Gogogu Natural


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  • Region: Uraga, Guji
  • Elevation: 2300 masl
  • Processing: natural and dried on raised beds
  • Varietal: Bourbon

Drying naturals at Gogogu is done slowly on raised beds, taking roughly 20 days depending on weather conditions, which is great for the stability of the green coffee. For the first day of drying, coffee is kept in a single layer and moved twice an hour to make sure that this delicate part of the drying process is done uniformly. After 3 days of this drying protocol, coffee is stable enough for drying in layers of 2 until it reaches ideal moisture content. Once finished, it “conditions” in the warehouse for about a week before being hulled.

Please choose your preferred amount and grind size.

Weight12 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 5 × 3 in

12oz, 4oz


Whole Bean, French Press, Pourover, Drip, Keurig, Espresso


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