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geoff weaver

a long way from iron shavings in the army, his coffee journey has included roasting on a popcorn popper, grinding eleven pounds of coffee by hand, drinking espresso in Rome Italy, and unexpectedly winning medals at a roasting competition. geoff is also a musician of some international repute and enjoys video games, food, dogs, and writing out books of the bible in his own scribble-y handwriting.

aimee weaver

while she may not receive a lot of attention, aimee is the glue that holds things together; with an affinity for hospitality and an excellent tasting palette, she has won a coffee triangluation competition and enjoys her coffee with a spot of cream (and/or hazelnut if it’s nearby). she loves reading and though not a big fan of being in front of the camera, aimee is the official blogger of koiné coffee

gracie weaver

sometimes kids don’t have a choice but to join the family business, but gracie is the proud chocolate taste tester of koiné coffee. when she’s not busy with her 18 credits per semester at the university of mount union gracie can be found hanging out with her animals or sleeping. she is also an accomplished vocalist and enjoys a variety of instruments.

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